Seti benchmark 


Here are the details on how to use the Benchmark Work Unit:

Here are the analysis one unit from project SETI@HOME. After finish dont SENDING to server Seti,but send me to email. Unit 

Archive unpack to directory and starts file run.cmd.

SetiSpy is for state information. You must not launch it.

!Test run only if is your pc idle status. You can now crunch the WU, it might be a good idea if you use the machine crunching for nothing else, to crunch the WU while sleeping or not surfing, playing games, writing paper, ect.. Also make sure that you turn off automatic connection, we don't want to flood Berkley with a previously completed WU. Or when your pc analyse unit, turn internet connection off. 

When the WU is completed please E-mail me the following details:

~ CPU Type (model name, e.g. P4 2a/XP1800+)
~ CPU clock speed (actual clock speed the benchie ran, in MHz or GHz)
~ FSB and actual memory speed (FSB x multiplier/memory speed, e.g. 16x133/166MHz)
~ Motherboard - type and chipset
~ RAM Including total, brand, type and setting
~ OS
~ Client (CLI or Screensaver)
~ Name you wish to be known by (email address kept confidential)
~ Comments (other info that you would like people to know, e.g. mobo, stability, etc.)

Please attach the 'result.sah' and 'wtemp.sah' file and send it to

Here is the benchmark zipped file. Here is a Setispy file for watching progress working. For setibenchmark is not necessary.